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Understanding your Prescription Label

The label on your prescription from Life Infusions Pharmacy contains information from your doctor and your pharmacy about using your medication correctly.

Use the guide below to identify the important information. Float your mouse over the label to see a description of each part. If you have any questions, consult Life Infusions Pharmacy or your physician:


Prescription Label Pharmacy Address Pharmacy Phone# Copay rx number rxdate customer drugname instructions othername company desc qty refills RPH doctor barcode
PHARMACY NAME AND ADDRESS. Here you'll see the name of Life Infusions Pharmacy, which is the pharmacy that has filled your prescription, and our street address
PHARMACY PHONE NUMBER. This is Life Infusions Pharmacy phone number.
COPAY. This is the amount owed by you to your insurer for your medication. It is Life Infusion's Pharmacy standard policy to collect copay prior to dispensing. We extensively work with your insurer and financial assistance programs on your behalf to help make your medication more affordable.
PRESCRIPTION NUMBER. This is your prescription number. You'll need to reference this number anytime you need to reorder your prescription through Life Infusions Pharmacy.
DATE. This is the date your prescription claim was sent by Life Infusions Pharmacy to your insurance. Sometimes this date has an impact on insurance coverage. Some insurance companies won't fill a prescription until close to when the first prescription is expired based on this date.
YOUR NAME. Your name, and your address, appears prominently
MEDICATION NAME AND AMOUNT. The name of your medication and the amount of the medication is listed here. If your medication is in its generic form, the generic name rather than the brand name will appear on the label.
INSTRUCTIONS. This section tells you exactly how to take or administer the medicine. This was determined by your doctor at the time she or he wrote the prescription order
GENERIC. This is the generic name of your prescription medication.
MANUFACTURER. This is the company that produced your medication and conducted studies in order to establish its suitability as a medication.
DESCRIPTION. This is what your medication looks like.
QUANTITY. This is the number of units dispensed.
This indicates the number of refills you're authorized to receive without requiring further doctor approval.

Click below to refill your prescription:
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DOCTOR'S NAME & PHONE NUMBER. This is the name of the doctor that has requested your prescription


Additional Tips:

  • Always check that you have received your own prescription. The label should show your name prominently.
  • Verify that the bottle contains the drug your doctor said you would be taking.
  • Pay special attention to the instructions. Take only as directed on the label. If the instruction only says "daily" take that medication only once each day. If it says "three times a day", take the medication at three intervals, such as morning - afternoon - evening.
  • Always read the warning labels on your prescription (if applies). The warning labels are usually on the side or back and are often separated from the main label. The package insert will describe all side-effects and warnings.
  • Taking medication as directed by your physician can help you manage your health.


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