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At Life Infusions Pharmacy our goal is to help you manage your health. We pride ourselves in working with your physician to help make your prescription experience convenient and hassle-free, especially for infusion medications that traditional pharmacies rarely dispense. We want to thank you for choosing Life Infusions Pharmacy. We’re here to help you make the most of your health, so you can live life to the fullest.

Requesting Services

Specialty pharmacy services must be ordered by a physician, and begin with a telephone call to 347-533-6000.

At the time we receive your referral and obtain prescriptions, we will review your insurance coverage and advise you of benefits available. Our start-of-care team is specially trained to offer a safe transition to services offered through Life Infusions Pharmacy.

Paying for Care

Most major insurance companies cover specialty and infusion services. Medicare provides coverage for selected therapies. For your convenience, our staff will contact your insurance carrier to determine exact coverage. For persons or families who need help with medical bills there may be financial assistance options through Life Infusions Pharmacy partner organizations. These programs are established to provide financial assistance to individuals with chronic disease or life-altering conditions who cannot afford the co-payments for expensive medications.

Contact us at 347-533-6000 to learn more about financial assistance options that might be right for you.

Understanding Your Prescription Label

Click here to a guide to understand the parts of your prescription label and how it affects you.

Customer Service

Making your life easier - that's what we're all about. And that's why there are convenient ways to contact us about your prescribed medication:

Our customer service associates are
available to assist 24/7.

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