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Our Local Community Connection Makes All the Difference

Unlike conventional pharmacy options, only Life Infusion Pharmacy offers expert pharmacy support on behalf of complex infusion and oral therapies—all delivered within all five boroughs of New York plus surrounding greater New York counties.

Life Infusions is a NY-based specialty and infusion pharmacy, with focus on complex injectable medications requiring specialized support.

We provide 24/7 support of your patients biologic dispensing needs, including specialty compounding. We specialize in active communication, direct 1:1 support and expert reimbursement coordination to deliver uncommon satisfaction and results to you and your patient that can only come from an experienced clinical pharmacy partner that is knowledgeable in the unique needs of injectable medications and related biologics.

100% Focus on You

We are dedicated to helping physicians manage and help their patients who are suffering from complex disorders and require specialized therapies and personalized care. When you refer a patient to Life Infusions Pharmacy, we become a member of your team. We proudly offer a holistic, hassle-free solution to pharmacy support and counseling in collaboration with you, combined with dedicated infusion pharmacy personnel and quality controls for 100% focus on you, your clinical team, and your specialty patients.

Positive Outcomes

What Our Patients and Prescribers Are Saying:

We provide pharmacy support that goes far beyond what you would normally expect:

  • 99% Prescriber satisfaction
  • 89% Exceed expectations
  • 99% Would recommend Life Infusions Pharmacy to family, friends and co-workers



Life Infusions

Grow Your Practice

A partnership with Life Infusions Pharmacy will give you access to our Compassionate Care Program with helpful pharmacy services, such as:

  • Electronic Prescriptions, minimizes errors and helps to streamline process
  • Rx Reminder - Keeps track of patients medications and dosing schedule
  • Medication re-formulation. Most medications can be re-formulated from solid to liquid or other type to maximize treatment adherence
  • Patient/Physician advocacy
  • Assisting patients with insurance coverage and reimbursements
  • Medication consultation
  • Multi-lingual treatment instructions available
  • Online prescription refills

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